Read this article to know how to install Jboss application server in windows environment. We have to download the specific version of the Jboss server to proceed installation. The latest version of the JBoss as .zip file JBOSS to download.

Now, keep the zip file in C directory in your system and extract to normal file. Copy the extracted Jboss directory location and to set the JBOSS_HOME under environment variables.

How to set JBOSS_HOME in Environment Variables?
Once you selected that path, right click on MyComputer --> goto properties --> select Advanced Tab --> goto environment variables.

  • Click on New button in User Variables.
  • Initiate Variable name as JBOSS_HOME and paste the jboss path in Variable value.
  • Click on OK.
Once you completed above steps, just open command prompt. Goto you jboss bin path by using CD(Change Directory) command and type this command ,
and click enter to run your jboss server. If you're doing all steps perfectly that will run.

If you are running that correctly you can avoid the below step. If you got any problem related to STRDLL you can check below explanation.

When you got the above related problem. First step you to do is, go to your Windows installation and go into Wondows32 folder(Your installed Windows 32-bit version). Select that folder path and place that into MyComputer path and run once again standalone.bat file. Once you run successfully that may show like below image.

you don't have any user's in Jboss,you just open another command prompt, goto same Jboss bin path, then you type one more command called add-user.bat

That may ask you to which type of user you want to create either
                      a) Managed-user,
                      b) Application-user.
Better to select as a and press enter.

Once you selected user type, that may ask you to enter username, password,re-password. Here, one thing you can identify password and re-enter passwords never show.

That once again ask that details are correct you want to create user , is you say 'Yes'. That will create user for you.

Once your server is running perfectly, open your browser and enter this URL in URL bar,
and press enter.

In the above image you can select Administration Console for manage projects. That will ask you to enter username and passwords. you just enter that registered details and say 'Ok'. That will display the below screen on your browser.
Once you get that screen that installation of your jboss server successfully done. one more way is there to run your jboss server. i.e, go into your jboss bin folder and double click on standalone.bat file. That solve , that will start running.


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