JNDI configuration for Tomcat 9 with Oracle

In this article, I am going to place the required source code to get data from the table by using the JNDI configuration. Below are the environment details that I have configured currently. Windows - 7 Oracle - 10g Tomcat - 9 JDK - 8 Eclipse Oxygen Ojdbc6 jar required First, we need to create the Dynamic Web Project. If you don't know how to do <Click Here>. I have faced a lot of issues before getting the output like 405, No driver class to load, etc. I am using JSP & Servlets in the current explanation. Before started writing the application logic, we need to do the below configuration in the installed tomcat directory. Place OJDBC6.jar in the Tomcat LIB directory. Add this Resource under <GlobalNamingResources> in Server.xml file which is present under the conf directory in Tomcat. < Resource name = "jdbc/myoracle" global= "jdbc/myoracle" auth = "Container" type= "javax.sql.DataSource" driverClass

Angular CLI installation and creating sample application

Read this document and follow the steps to install and create Angular CLI sample application. Before installing Angular Cli, we need to install nodejs latest version download from . Click on this link to follow the spets to instal  nodejs To know nodejs installed or not you can execute this commands in the terminal node –v npm –v Once conformed nodejs installed properly. Execute the below command in terminal to install Angular Cli. npm install –g @angular/cli You can get the above command from angular cli website. ( ) This will take a while to complete the installation. You will see the below screen once installation completed. To check whether angular cli installed properly or not, go to the terminal and execute the below command. ng -v You will see the below screen as the response of the above command execution. Now we are good to go to work in angular cli. Next, we need to create the angular cli project with the bel

Odd numbers in given range of values in java with example

Read this article to know how to find the ODD number in given range of values. The below example, we have taken two Integer values from where to where we need to find the ODD numbers. In general, will identify the EVEN/ODD numbers by modulo(%) operator with 2. If the modulo returned value will be equal to 0 the given number is an EVEN number otherwise ODD number. if (i % 2 == 1 ) The above condition will be true when i value is an ODD number only. First will write the small program to find the number is EVEN/ODD in the given range of the values and the total count of EVEN and ODD numbers. public class EvenOrAOdd { public static void main ( String [] args ) { int l = 2 ,r = 7 ,evenCount = 0 ,oddCount = 0 ; for ( int i = l;i <= r;i ++ ) { if (i % 2 == 1 ) { System . out . println(i + " is ODD number" ); oddCount ++ ; } else { System . o

Visual Studio Code installation in Windows 10 for AngularJS

Visual studio code is one of the open source software which will be good to install for AngulaJS 2 practice. Download the Visual Studio from official website . Once download completes, click on the isntallable file to Run the downloaded file and click on Yes to windows to start installation. Click on Next button to continue Visual Studio Code installation. Accept the agreement and click on Next button to continue installation. Choose the installation directory if you want to install in any other directory than the normal installation and click on Next button to proceed further installation. Write the shortcut name which you want to see in Start menu and click on Next button to continue further installation. Select the additional tasks which all should perform and click on Next button. Now, Visual Studio is ready for actual installation. Click on Install button to start installation process. You can see the installtion progress in the

Differences between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext

Read this article to know what are the differences between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext in Spring Framework. BeanFactory and ApplicationContext interfaces are acts as IOC container. BeanFactory locates in org.springframework.beans.factory package and ApplicationContext locates in org.springframework.context path. ApplicationContext build on top of BeanFactory. So, ApplicationContext will provide the additional functionalities over BeanFactory. Simple integration with Spring AOP, Message Resource Handling (I18N), Event Propagation and application layer specific context(WebApplicationContext) are additional features available with ApplicationContext. Because of these features ApplicationContext is better to use than the BeanFactory. Instantiation of BeanFactory and ApplicationContext: BeanFactory: BeanFactory will use the XmlBeanFactory() class to instantiate. XmlBeanFactory() will use the Resource object to load the bean configuration file. Resource resource = new

Git installation for AngularJS 2 in Windows 10

Download Git latest version from or you click on the below link to download directly for windows . Once download completes, click on executable file to start installation process and choose Yes to allow the software installation in windows 10. Click on Next button to continue further installation. Browse the isntallation directory and click on Next button to continue. Select the list of components which you want to be installed and click on Next button to proced further installation. Type the shortcut name for Start menu and click on Next button. Select how you want to use the Git and click on Next button. For Windows no need to change anything, let it be the default one. Choose the Use the OpenSSL library and click on Next button. Select how should Git treat line ending in text files and click on Next button. Select which terminal emulator to use with Git and click on Next button. Configure extr

Steps to install Node.JS in Windows 10

I would like to take few minutes to tell what are AngularJS 2 advantages than AngularJS 1.x. The advantages of AngularJS 2 are Performance, Changing Web, Mobile and Easy to Use. To start install AngularJS 2 in Windows 10, we need to know which are the required softwares to install. For Angular JS 2 we need to install dependent softwares like, NPM(Node.JS), Visual Studio Code and Git. Follow these steps to start download & installing the NPM(Node.js). Download the current version of  NPM from .   After completing the download, click on the executable file to start  Node.JS/NPM installation process. Click on Run button to proceed further on NPM installation. Click on Next button to continue further installation process. Select the License agreement and click on Next button for further installation. Choose the NPM/Node JS installation directory and click on Next button. If you don't want to change the installation directory, directly cl