Visual Studio Code installation in Windows 10 for AngularJS

Visual studio code is one of the open source software which will be good to install for AngulaJS 2 practice. Download the Visual Studio from official website Once download completes, click on the isntallable file to Run the downloaded file and click on Yes to windows to start installation.
Click on Next button to continue Visual Studio Code installation.
Accept the agreement and click on Next button to continue installation.
Choose the installation directory if you want to install in any other directory than the normal installation and click on Next button to proceed further installation.
Write the shortcut name which you want to see in Start menu and click on Next button to continue further installation.
Select the additional tasks which all should perform and click on Next button.
Now, Visual Studio is ready for actual installation. Click on Install button to start installation process.
You can see the installtion progress in the above screen which is in progress. It will take a while to complete the installation, wait until it will complete this process.
Now, click on Finish button to complete the Visual Studio Code installation process. Congratulations, you have successfully isntalled Visual Studio code.
You can see the above screen when Visual Studio Code launched.

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