Angular CLI installation and creating sample application

Read this document and follow the steps to install and create Angular CLI sample application.
  • Before installing Angular Cli, we need to install nodejs latest version download from Click on this link to follow the spets to instal nodejs
  • To know nodejs installed or not you can execute this commands in the terminal
    • node –v
    • npm –v
  • Once conformed nodejs installed properly. Execute the below command in terminal to install Angular Cli.
    • npm install –g @angular/cli
  • You can get the above command from angular cli website. (
  • This will take a while to complete the installation. You will see the below screen once installation completed.
  • To check whether angular cli installed properly or not, go to the terminal and execute the below command.
    • ng -v
  • You will see the below screen as the response of the above command execution.
  • Now we are good to go to work in angular cli.
  • Next, we need to create the angular cli project with the below command.
    • ng new angular-cli-app
  • You can see the progress of installing the packages into the angular-cli-app project. It will take some time to install the packages.
  • Once the project creation completed, you can change the directly into the project name with the command of CD.
    • cd angular-cli-app
  • Now, start the application by using the below command.
    • ng serve
  • Once application started, we can access with this link http://localhost:4200/. By default port number will be 4200.


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